Japan Society of Developmental Psychology


No.1  March, 2013

OYAMA, Tomoko & NAKA, Makiko:
Young Children’s Narratives about Positive and Negative Events Nominated by Parents or Children.

HIRABAYASHI, Rumi, KONO Toshihiro & NAKAMURA Kenryu:
Development of Handwriting Patterns in Elementary School Children Using Digital Pens.

OSHIMA, Kiyomi:
Middle-Aged Mothers’Maturity Process in Their Childcare Experiences: Interviews regarding Their Successes and Failures.

KOSAKA, Yasumasa:
Causal Relationships between Identity and Romantic Relationships among University Students:
A Three Panel Study with University Students Having a Boyfriend, or a Girlfriend.

TANAKA, Akari:
Facilitation of 3-Year-Old Children’s Spontaneous Emotion Regulation by Preschool Teachers.

OSHIMA, Kiyomi:
Parents’ Marital Trust, Positive Parenting, and Young Adults’ Mental Health.

KUROSAWA, Tai & KATO, Michiyo:
Development of a Scale of Relationship-Focused Coping for Marital Couple Stress.

KURAYA, Kaori:
How Do Children Understand the Function of Emotional Similes as Effectively Transmitting Their Emotions to Others?

Meaning Making by Preschool Children during Pretend Play and Construction of Play Space.

SAITOH, Makoto, KAMEDA, Ken, SUGIMOTO, Hideharu & HIRAISHI, Kenji:
Development of the Self among Japanese Late Adolescents and Young Adults, Based on Kegan’s Constructive-Developmental Theory in Relation to Erikson’s Psychosocial Crisis.

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No.2  June, 2013

UENO, Masaki & OKUZUMI, Hideyuki:
Developmental Changes in Judgment of Maximum Reachability And Optimal Distance in Hand-Reaching.
KAZAMA, Midori, HIRABAYASHI, Hidemi, KARASAWA, Mayumi, TARDIF, Twila & OLSON, Sheryl:
Ambiguous Parenting and Four-Year-Olds' Understanding of Others: A Comparison between Mothers in Japan and the U.S.
NOZAWA, Sachiko:
Longitudinal Observations of Toddlers' Self-Assertive Interactions with Daycare Peers.
SAITO, Yu & UCHIDA, Nobuko:
Discipline Style and Picture-book Reading among Sharing and Authoritarian Mothers.
TAKEMURA, Akiko & NAKA, Makiko:
Fit-focused Secondary Control and Coping Strategies of Older Adults with Declining Health and Physical Strength.
MINAKUCHI, Keigo, YUZAWA, Masamichi & LI, Sixian:
Japanese Preschoolers' Segmentation of English Word Sounds: Comparison with Chinese by English Word Memory Span.
OZAWA, Yoshio:
The Structure of Self-Narratives, Including Recognition of Intergenerational Transmission in Old Age.
OSUGI, Yoshimi &UCHIYAMA, Ichiro:
Development of Object Knowledge in Three- to Five-year-olds' Manual Search for an Occluded Object.
YAMAMOTO, Kohsuke:
An Influence of Individual Differences in Self-identity Achievement on Voluntary and Involuntary Autobiographical Remembering.
ITO, Hiroyuki, MOCHIZUKI, Naoto, NAKAJIMA, Syunji, SENO, Yui, FUJITA, Chikako, TAKAYANAGI, Nobuya, OHNISHI, Masafumi, OHTAKE, Satoko, OKADA, Ryo, & TSUJII, Masatsugu:
Construct Validity of the Nursery Teacher Rating Development Scale for Children (NDSC): Component Structure and Its Relation to Age and Maladaptive problems.

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No.3  September, 2013

Life Course Decision-Making Processes: Middle Aged Siblings of Individuals with Mental Retardation.
KAMIYA, Tetsuji:
Marital Relationships of Married Couples Raising Children with Discrepant Family Role Concepts.
MATSUDA, Natsumi:
Management of Tics by Patients with Tourette Syndrome.
Separation and Reintegration of Mothers and Infants Admitted to a NICU because of Low Birth Weight.
Improvement of Relationship Disturbance between an Autistic Child and Identified Other: Modification of Subjective Abilities and Defective Traits.
KOSAKA, Yasumasa:
Reasons to Not Desire a Steady Romantic Relationship, in Relation to Adolescent Ego Development.
A Longitudinal Study of Social Interactions between Nursery Teachers and a Young Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder: The Development of Joint Attention.
FURUMI, Fumikazu:
Experiences with Role-Play Activates Primary School Children’s Mindreading on a Communication Task.
OSUMI, Junko & MATSUMURA, Kyoko:
Effects of Teaching Materials on Eye Gazes to Letters in Autistic and Non-Autistic Students with Intellectual Disabilities.
ISHIJIMA, Konomi & NEGAYAMA, Koichi:
Mother-Infant Interaction in Tickling Play:Intention Reading Based on Narrative Sharing.
JIN, Yijun & ONO, Hisasi:
Mother-Child Correlation in the Process of Epigenetic Development and Its Influence on Youth Identity.
SATO, Kensuke & SANEFUJI, Wakako:
Irrational Outcomes Promote Young Children’s Understanding of False Beliefs.
The Microgenetic Process for Rolling-Over Movements in Male Adults in Developmental Relation to Rolling-Over Movements in Infancy.
Developmental Changes from Adolescence to Early Adulthood in the Relationship between Narcissism and Interpersonal Relationships.
YUZAWA, Masamichi, WATANABE, Daisuke, MINAKUCHI, Keigo, MORITA, Aiko & YUZAWA, Miki:
Classroom Behavior and Learning Supports for Children with Poor Working Memory.

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No.4  December, 2013

MUTO, Takashi:
The Role of Developmental Research in Practitioner Fields:Toward Research-Oriented Practice and Practice-Oriented Research.
HONGO, Kazuo:
Specialization and the Roles of Clinical Developmental Psychologists:Progress in Developmental Psychology in the Interaction of Practice and Basic Science.
FUJINO, Hiroshi:
Basic Research on Developmental Disorders and Clinical Applications: Autism Spectrum Disorder and Theory of Mind.
Bridging Research and Practice in Parent-Child Relationship Interventions Based on Attachment Theory.
Improving Interfaces between Research and Practice in Research on Juvenile Delinquency.
TODA, Yuichi:
Bullying Research and Supporting Prevention Practices in Schools.
ONODERA, Atsuko:
The Interface between Fundamental Studies of the Family and Practical Parent-Child Activities.
Difficulties of Children at an Inclusive Preschool in Sustaining Their Everyday Life: From the Standpoint of a Clinical-Developmental Itinerant Consultant.
SATO, Shinichi:
Fundamental and Applied Studies on Dementia from a Geropsychological Approach.
KABAYA, Shinsuke:
Mothers’ Attuned Responses to Negative Emotions of Pre-Linguistic Infants:The Association between Maternal Internal Working Models and Infant Temperament.
ITOH, Tomoko & NAKAGAKI, Akira:
Can Children Really Solve Bayesian Problems? An Analysis of Junior High School Students’ Modes of Reasoning in the Red Nose Problem.
LEE, Heebok & TANAKA, Mari:
Narrative Abilities of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
NAKAI, Daisuke:
Junior High School Students’ Adjustment and Trust in Their Parents.

Letter to Authors
KOYASU, Masuo: Circulation of Research and Practice through Evidence.
KONDO, Kiyomi: Potentiality of the Clinical Developmental Psychology.
ENDO, Toshihiko: Bridging between Research and Practice.

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